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I'm going to share with you seven red-hot altcoins that I believe are set to explode in the next Bull Run. But please understand I'm not a financial advisor and full disclosure I do own some of the coins 

Let's get started with some of the foreign cryptocurrency altcoins that are hot and some of which are undiscovered.

1. Apex now

Apex is multi-train permissionless trading; basically, it's a high-performance, decentralized derivatives market. If you click "Trade Now" on their website, there's not a lot on the site. You can see that this is a decentralized exchange, which is awesome. even if it's not like a uni swap or a one-inch. It's more of a traditional order book, and if you click on the connecting link here, this is where you can connect with different networks. Also, you can use Metamask or your own wallet, which is really great. You basically get to trade just like a traditional order book, but you get to hold on to your own keys, and that's awesome. Now what excited me most about this project is

  1. it's definitely a new cryptocurrency.

  2.  it reminds me a lot of another project called GMX.

It's a little bonus cryptocurrency. GMX is definitely one to be taking a look at, with a 400 million dollar market cap at this time. If you take a look at GMX, it's also a decentralized perpetual exchange. If you launch the app, this is where you agree, and it basically brings you to their exchange. You're able to connect your wallet, and you can use Metamask, and Coinbase while it connects.

 With Apex here, you can see the current price is 33 cents. You can only buy this on Buy.com. Buy Bits is basically a new decentralized exchange, and to me, we know how well a lot of these decentralized exchanges have done. I think they're going to do incredibly well, so this has actually been out since May. I think that for a lot of people, this could certainly be one to put on your radar, and that is why it is your first altcoin.

2. Apecoin

 Your second altcoin is going to be Apecoin. I'm sharing a bitcoin right now because Ape Yacht Club's new Sewer Pass and Donut Dash game has just launched on the board. So it literally, I think, is launching within the next day or two.  It basically says here on Twitter exactly how the sewer pass and Cookie Dash game work, with tons of likes and retweets.

That's why we've been seeing the price of apecoin go up; be careful of this though. because this could be a buy rumor sell the news event.

We have seen apecoin rally from its low, which was approximately two dollars, all the way to as high as five dollars, which is really nice. from all-time lows, so this is one to keep an eye on in the future. I do think that  NFT is going to have another massive bull market in a bull run at some point. Looking at the Board Ape Yacht Club and what they're doing with over a  million followers, this is the staple Nft project. Apecoin has been known to stand in there, but it's definitely gone down. But no, you've got to remember that was airdropped. A lot of people, because it was an airdrop, dumped it down to like  $3.

  Now we can start to see some recovery. I think that there's something to this project. I think that the board of the API  Club is here to stay for a while, and the massive gains that you could have seen in it earlier have potentially gone away. With these new projects and these new things, I like what they're doing. I like that they're stimulating the holders and giving back to their community. If you hold one of these board apes or the mutant apes, you get a new thing to play around with. So this is your second cryptocurrency coin.

3. Dust protocol

Your third cryptocurrency coin is the dust protocol. The dust protocol is now the token you receive if you own a D god. D Gods earn dust, a useless token that everyone uses on Solana. they also said here are some of our holders that are kinda Twitter famous. 

You can see Ice Cube and a couple of others here that are somewhat famous. I don't know a lot of these people, but that's fine right now; there is something going on here with D. You can see that D. God's D. Dao has acquired a professional basketball team. There's a lot of trading going on here, and with this project, you can see that many D gods have met co-founders within the community. Have branched to build their own successful businesses. the total market cap right now within those businesses is 23 million dollars.

 The D Gods are basically going after this whole narrative, and we haven't put a lot of time, energy, or effort into it. Everything is well, but as you can see, the list price right now for a lot of these is pretty expensive.  It's really going to be interesting to see how this project takes off. The reason, why I wanted to share dust protocol, is because it reminds me a lot of apecoin. Basically, it's like this coin that you earn by holding these Nfts so if there's news coming out with the  NFTs, you can see that this has definitely been going up recently. This is definitely another cryptocurrency coin and a third to watch out for in the future.

4. Veracity

Now your fourth coin is going to be veracity. Veracity has certainly been on the move as well.

 if you don't know what veracity is?

They're a blockchain company looking to create an entirely new experience in eSports. Veracity was established in May of 2018 and is the newest generation of video sharing. with the goal of developing a just system that will allow creators to profit from their labor and advertiser. Most of the AD spending is going to be accomplished through their proof of value protocol. All of Veracity products are going to be consolidated into one platform on their website.

 a team is a group of industry experts with track records in the video and media sectors. the VRA token is a digital currency created exclusively for the exchange and transfer of value in Esports gaming nft and the video economy globally. Currently,  the VRA token is held in over 300,000 Vera wallets. listed on more than 24 different exchanges globally.

 Esports in gaming is a multi-billion dollar industry. if this gains any sort of mass adoption, this is where we could see this token absolutely skyrocket. Esports and gaming, to me, are going to be absolutely massive, and because of this veracity, they've kind of carved out their niche in this little area of the arena. there is definitely something to this you can see that they have their own wallet where you can earn rewards. this is definitely one that I would not sleep on. I have done a deeper dive into veracity,but I know some bigger influencers are definitely all over this one. I like it for multiple reasons and so it's finally just starting to move the price right.  now is at 0.004 so you can start to see a lot of these coins are starting to like find their bottoms here and potentially move back towards the upside. this has a 45 million dollar market cap .

so it's a little more high risk but  nothing like super duper crazy and so  this was certainly one I would  definitely keep on my radar and it's why  it is your fourth crypto altcoin

5. Communist.

Your fifth crypto altcoin is called a communist. it's up over a  hundred percent in the last two days. Well, this is free crypto that you can mint. For whatever reason, if you go to the website, there are a lot of people who just don't have a lot of these longer stakes.  For forever reason, if you go to the website, there are a lot of people that just don't have a lot of these longer stakes. Yeah, then you're required to lock up hex for 180 days to even get a start bonus. then for the end bonus, you have to have a minimum stake for a year. There are a lot of hex stickers that do have this. but it hasn't ended yet. there are hex Stakes that are literally geared years down the line.so I think that it's going to take some time for them to actually get these rewards. That's why we could be seeing a little pump in this. It's kind of like a new coin, and people are talking about it. There's always that kind of initial hype and FOMO. So just be careful with this. understand that people can mint this for free and then sell it, but right now I'm starting to see some nice price movement. 

We hit all-time highs yesterday, so this is definitely one to keep on your radar as your fifth crypto coin.

6. tap Global 

Tap Global, to me, is one of those cryptocurrencies that is way overheated right now. 

price wise I think it's just gone up absolutely a ton so congratulations if you are in profit. you can just see that it just went absolutely parabolic, so I could see it coming back down to these price points at some point or maybe it never does. the market cap is now $ 63 million. it could be one of those coins that just keeps running and running. I would definitely keep my eye on this one though its all-time high was around 40 to 50 cents. there are influencers talking about it. there is a real use case for the tap global card. if you click on the Premium here,here they have a tiered system of standard black titanium. You can really use this card. You can take crypto and use it. the fact that there are monthly withdrawals that are unlimited for those who stake. That's absolutely huge because, for whatever reason, if you need cash fast or if you need a lot of cash, this is like a way that you could do this using your crypto. There are not a lot of other cards that can do this right now. something like this was definitely intriguing to say. the least, they were put on the UK Stock Exchange. To me, it looks really user-friendly. looks like it could be something that's useful, and definitely why I wanted to put it on your radar.

 The price, as I said, is a little bit high for me at this point. Who knows, this could definitely go back to all-time highs. This could just be the beginning of the very first rally.  So that's why it's your sixth crypto coin.

7. Nex

Your seven altcoins are going to be a coin that I haven't even talked about yet .that hasn't even launched yet and it's called "Nex." if you click on white papers here you click on nex crypto preview. You will come to the white paper, and nex is going to be a reflection token. 

you're going to need Zen in order to get next .basically if you look at Zen z e n and nex n e x it's basically Zen spelled backward. definitely a sleeper coin as well, and you can make it for free right like literally, you don't need to do anything. except for paying gas costs. That does cost something because Ethereum's gas has been going up, especially with this pump. You can mint it and be profitable. If you burn your Zen, 70 will be burned, and the other 30 will go to a yield. You'll be getting this next token, so it's going to be really interesting to see how this all develops; no one knows for sure .what's going to happen yet also if you hold these Zen nfts. You're able to get some of this next token, I believe, as well as a lot more that's coming with this project. there's a lot of Buzz around Zen and the nex coming so definitely one to keep on your radar.

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